Petrol Blend now at E20

Petrol Blend now at E20


The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, (ZERA) has reviewed upwards the blending ratio of ethanol to petrol to 20% (E20).

It had previously been at E10.

This was announced in the just reviewed fuel prices effective 05 May 2021.

The upwards review of blending ratio resulted in the price of blend dropping to $USD 1.33 from $USD 1.34 in April 2021. The price of diesel remains unchanged at USD$ 1.32.

The new local currency price of blend fuel is ZWL$ 112.62 from ZWL 112.96 in Aril 2021 while diesel now stands at ZWL 111.43 from ZWL 111.77.

The energy regulator called on fuel operators to sell at prices below the cap depending on their trading advantages.

ZERA urges the public to continue buying from reputable and ZERA licensed operators for quality product and service.



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