Consumers welcome ban of inefficient lighting products

Consumers welcome ban of inefficient lighting products

Eng. Gloria Magombo

Consumer groups have welcomed the introduction of the regulation that bans inefficient lighting products in Zimbabwe.

Statutory Instrument 21 of 2017 (Ban of Inefficient Lighting Products and Labelling) regulations effectively ban the importation, wholesale and retail of incandescent or filament bulbs, T10 and T12 halo phosphate fluorescent lamps and/or magnetic ballasts.

The regulation also bans all lighting products which do not meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) specified in the regulations as well as energy efficiency labelling.

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Southern Region Chairperson, Mr. Comfort Muchekeza applauded the regulations saying the move was long overdue.

“This regulation is coming at the right time when consumers are demanding value for money. Sub-standard bulbs should be taken off the shelf and retailers who shortchange consumers should be charged accordingly”, said Muchekeza.

The CCZ Southern region chairperson was speaking at a stakeholder engagement organised by ZERA in Bulawayo recently which was attended by suppliers, importers and retailers of lighting products as well as lecturers, law enforcement agencies and consumer representatives.

The Chief Executive Officer of ZERA, Eng. Gloria Magombo, said ZERA was going to deploy inspectors who will be assessing all lighting products in shops to ensure compliance.

“ZERA inspectors will confiscate and seize all inefficient lighting products and level charges against retailers or wholesalers who defy the regulation. This action is in the interest of consumers and the country’s energy security in general” said Eng. Magombo.

“The incandescent bulbs are a cost that should be avoided at all levels”, she said.

ZERA will work with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) during the blitz on inefficient lighting products.


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