ZERA ISO certification a game changer: Dr Jeke

ZERA ISO certification a game changer: Dr Jeke

The adoption and implementation of the ZWS ISO 9001:2015 standards, will ensure the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, (ZERA) will be able to execute its mandate efficiently and effectively resulting in greater stakeholder engagement and satisfaction, the Authority’s Vice Board- Chairperson, Dr Irene Jeke has said.

She said this while addressing stakeholders and the Authority’s staff members at an event held to celebrate the certification of the Authority by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) at a local Hotel in Harare in May.

She said her board, management and the members of staff felt honoured to be conferred with the certification which had culminated through hard work, team culture and the desire to provide top notch services to the multitudes of its stakeholders.

“We feel greatly honoured as this certification confirms the hard work, dedication and commitment embedded in the team’s culture to provide the highest service to the energy sector.

“By defining its quality objectives, documenting key processes, continuously improving them, identifying risks and opportunities, ZERA has established a sound architecture for strong economic and technical regulation of the energy sector, “said Dr Jeke.

She said her administration is aware of the limited supply of energy, in face on increasing demand from both domestic and industrial consumers adding that they are seized with the matter to address the challenge.

ZERA is aware of its critical role in the provision of safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy in the country hence this seal of approval is bound to spur the team to greater heights.

“The celebration is coming at a time when the nation is in dire need of affordable energy in all its different forms and the Board, Management and Staff are seized with the matter and are exploring how best to unlock the availability of these utility products and services” added Dr Jeke.

As one of the strategies to manage energy usage Dr Jeke, said the Association had embarked on offensive awareness campaigns on the need for consumers to embrace energy efficiency measures be it in industries, mines, commerce, farms and at domestic level.

“The ZERA team is also on the ground raising awareness on the need for consumers to embrace energy efficiency measures.

“Energy efficiency is widely regarded as the ‘first fuel’ as it is cheap and will go a long way in reducing the national demand and also increases the number of consumers who are totally dependent on the national grid.

“The ZERA team is also urging consumers of liquid fuel to embrace efficient use of the product by adopting good vehicle care and changing driving and traveling habits,” she said.

Meanwhile Dr Jeke revealed that by end of April 2019 ZERA had licensed 611 fuel operators across the country to serve in different categories as importers, wholesalers and retailers while 60 independent power producers (IPPs) to generate for their own use or to feed into the national grid.




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