Service Charter

Service Charter

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) promise to stakeholders is derived from the provisions of the enabling energy laws. The promise is anchored on the ZERA core values of Independence, Transparency, Accountability, Innovation, Fairness, Integrity and Teamwork.

ZERA promises to:

  1. Process an electricity license application within ninety (90) working days upon receipt of all required documentation and fulfilment of set conditions.
  2. Process a fuel license application within forty five (45) working days upon receipt of all relevant documentation and fulfilment of set conditions.
  3. Undertake quarterly performance reviews of licensees to monitor against set key performance standards.
  4. Inspect all petroleum sites (storage, transportation and retail) at least once a year to ensure compliance to regulations.
  5. Inspect electricity infrastructure and maintenance/inspection records  at least once every two years to ensure compliance to regulations.
  6. Evaluate and process a tariff review request within one hundred and twenty (120) working days from date of receipt of application upon receipt of all relevant documentation and fulfilment of set conditions.
  7. Review and process Power Purchase Agreements within ninety (90) working days   upon receipt of relevant documentation and fulfilment of set conditions.
  8. Undertake to review the price of energy to ensure fairness.
  9. Collect fuel samples and test for compliance to relevant quality standards for every retail site at least once a year.
  10. Promote energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy technology and use thereof.
  11. Identify and fund research and development of the energy sector.
  12. Develop quality assurance (standards) for energy products & services.
  13. Ensure consumers increased access to modern energy forms.
  14. Conduct at least one consultative meeting with key stakeholders every six (6) months.
  15. Resolve complaints and disputes received within an average of sixty (60) working days.
  16. Respond to all written enquiries within seven (7) working days.
  17. Respond to all media enquiries within seventy- two (72) hours or three (3) working days.
  18. Respond to incoming telephone calls courteously within three (3) rings.
  19. Attend to visitors at the reception area within three (3) minutes.
  20. Promote market reform and competition in the energy sector.
  21. Educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities.
  22. Receive and investigate complaints from consumers and/or energy licensees.

Any concerns, complaints, queriescomments and compliments related to this Service Charter should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer through the contact details below:

14th Floor Century Towers  45 S. Machel Avenue

PO Box CY 308  Causeway,  Harare

E-mail                      :

Tel                              :        +263 4 780 010; 253 461; 799 797

Call For Free           :        08080136

Facebook                :        zeraenergy

Twitter                     :        @zeraenergy

Website                    :

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