Solar Equipment/Services Suppliers Disclaimer

The following register of solar companies has been prepared by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) for the convenience of all persons who may require solar equipment or apparatus or require advice and assistance on solar related issues in Zimbabwe.  Whilst reasonable care, to confirm the capability and track record of the registered companies, was exercised in the compilation of this information, ZERA cannot accept any liability whatsoever to any person or company for any financial loss or any damages arising from the use of this information. ZERA welcomes any feedback regarding the level of service provided by registered RE companies which the users may consider relevant.

For further information or clarification on this matter, kindly contact ZERA at the following addresses:

14th Floor, Century Towers, 45 Samora Machel Avenue, P.O Box CY 308, Causeway Harare.

Contact Phones: +263 4 780 010, 772 550, 799 796, 253 461, 799 797

Fax: +263 4250 696



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