The following list of companies that sell recommended, energy efficient lighting products has been prepared by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) for the convenience of all persons who may require such products. Whilst reasonable care and testing of the products to confirm that they meet minimum requirements was exercised in the compilation of this information, ZERA cannot accept any liability whatsoever to any person or company for any financial loss or any damages arising from the use of this information.

No Brand Name Type Product Code Power Rating (W)
1Power Master LED CBL031 9
2Power Master LED CBL032 9
3Bright Star LED LED196 6
4Glite LED GFL019/BL/D-30 30
5Glite LED GLL035GU10W-3 3
6Oubo LED C37 5
7Oubo LED A55 Cool white 5
8AE Electrical LED AELB-A55-B22 5
9AE Electrical LED AELB-A55-E27 5
10AE Electrical LED AELB-A60-B22 7
11AE Electrical LED AELB-A65-B22 9
12AE Electrical LED AELB-A65-E27 9
13Global Solar LED A60 Cool white 5
14Rambi LED Rechargable-B22 5
15Rambi LED Rechargable-E27 5
16Global Solar LED GSLEDA60O202 7
17Global Solar LED GSLEDT8O201 18
18Baxton LED Cool white - E27 5
19Baxton LED Cool white - E27 7
20Baxton LED Cool white - B22 9
21Baxton LED T8 Tube G13 10
22Baxton LED Cool white - B22 12
23Baxton LED T8 Tube G13 24
24Elite Elegance LED KCD-AK 50
25Elite Elegance LED KCD-AK 100
26Elite Elegance LED KCD-BK 100
27Eurolux LED FS264 10
28Eurolux LED FS265 20
29Duratek LED T5 Cool white 14
30Duratek LED T8 Cool white 22
31NVC LED Cool white - B22 7
32NVC LED Cool white - B22 9
33NVC LED Cool white - B22 14
40Osram CFL LTFCEL150 11
41Osram CFL LTFCEL162 11
42Osram CFL LTFCEL161 11
43Osram CFL LTFCEL162 11
44Osram CFL LTFCEL173 14
45Osram CFL LTFCEL174 14
46Osram CFL LTFCEL175 14
47Osram CFL LTFCEL176 14
48Osram CFL LTFCEL219 20
49Osram CFL LTFCEL220 20
50Osram CFL LTFCEL221 20
51Ledvance LED LDPFM-FL-10W-WV-AM 10
52Ledvance LED LDV-SPL-RD06-HPF-AM 17
53Ledvance LED LDV-FL-20W-AM-2-B 20
54Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-20W-AM-WW 20
55Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-20W-AM 20
56Ledvance LED LDECO-LITE-FL-30W-AM 30
57Ledvance LED LIODLD244 39
58Ledvance LED LDECO-LITE-FL-50W-AM 50
59Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-50W-AM 50
60Ledvance LED LDECO-LITE-FL-50W-AM-WW 50
61Ledvance LED LIODLD248 55
62Ledvance LED LDECO-LITE-FL-70W-AM 70
63Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-20W-AM 70
64Ledvance LED LDV-FLP-100W-AM-2 100
65Ledvance LED LDECO-HB-120-AM 120
66Ledvance LED LDECO-HB-150-AM 150
67Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-150W-AM 150
68Ledvance LED LDV-FLE-200W-AM 200
69Osram LED ACO3090/LTGCLD126 2.8
70Osram LED ACO3091/LTGCLD140 4
71Osram LED LTLD22400 4
72Osram LED LTLD22404 4
73Osram LED LTGCLD230 5
74Osram LED LTGCLD232 5
75Osram LED LTGCLD234 7
76Osram LED LTGCLD235 7
77Osram LED LTGCLD236 7
78Osram LED AC21556/LTGCLD446 9
79Osram LED AC21555/LTGCLD448 9
80Osram LED LTGCLD238 9
81Osram LED LTGCLD240 9
82Osram LED LTGCLD243 12
83Osram LED LTLDEC100 18
84Osram LED LTFCLD120 20
85Osram LED LTLDEC140 36
86Osram LED LTLDEC150 36
87Osram LED LTLDDC412 5
88Osram LED LTLDDC414 4.5
89Osram LED LTLDDC418 5
90LEDlite LED Dimmable Filament E27 WW 4
91LEDlite LED Dimmable Filament B22 WW 4
92LEDlite LED Dimmable Filament E14 WW Tail 4
93LEDlite LED Dimmable Filament E14 WW 4
94LEDlite LED Value B22 CW 4
95LEDlite LED Value B22 WW 4
96LEDlite LED Value E14 CW 4
97LEDlite LED Value E14 WW 4
98LEDlite LED Value E27 CW 4
99LEDlite LED Value E27 WW 4
100LEDlite LED A60 Value E27 5
101LEDlite LED Value GU1O CW 5
102LEDlite LED Value GU1O WW 5
103LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 WW 6
104LEDlite LED Dimmable Filament E27 6
105LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 WW 7
106LEDlite LED Dimmable E14 WW 7
107LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 CW 7
108LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 WW 7
109LEDlite LED Dimmable GU10 CW 7
110LEDlite LED Dimmable GU10 WW 7
111LEDlite LED Self-Dimming E27 WW 7
112LEDlite LED Self-Dimming B22 CW 7
113LEDlite LED Self-Dimming B22 WW 7
114LEDlite LED Self-Dimming E27 CW 7
115LEDlite LED A60 Value B22 WW 7
116LEDlite LED A60 Value E27 CW 7
117LEDlite LED A60 Value E27 WW 7
118LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 WW 7
119LEDlite LED 2FT Tube 9
120LEDlite LED A60 Value B22 CW 9
121LEDlite LED A60 Value E27 CW 9
122LEDlite LED 2FT Tube Value 10
123LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 CW 10
124LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 DL 10
125LEDlite LED Dimmable B22 WW 10
126LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 CW 10
127LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 WW 10
128LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 10
129LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 CW R63 12
130LEDlite LED Dimmable E27 WW R63 12
131LEDlite LED A60 Value B22 DL 12
132LEDlite LED A60 Value E27 DL 12
133LEDlite LED 4FT Tube 18
134LEDlite LED 4FT Tube T8 Value 18
135LEDlite LED Value Floodlight 20
136LEDlite LED Value T120 B22 CW 40
137LEDlite LED Value T120 B22 WW 40
138LEDlite LED Value T120 E27 CW 40
139LEDlite LED Value T120 E27 WW 40
140LEDlite LED Value Floodlight 50
141Panasonic LED ASP010026 2
142Panasonic LED ASP020026 2
143Panasonic LED PBUM30037 3
144Panasonic LED PBUM31037 3
145Panasonic LED PDLM11056 4
146Panasonic LED PBTM02057 5
147Panasonic LED PBUM31057 5
148Panasonic LED PBUM30057 5
149Panasonic LED PDLM10056 5
150Panasonic LED PDLM24057 5
151Panasonic LED PPAM07056 5
152Panasonic LED PPAM08056 5
153Panasonic LED PBUM30097 9
154Panasonic LED PBUM31097 9
155Panasonic LED PBTM01107 10
156Panasonic LED PDLM10106 10
157Panasonic LED PDLM11106 10
158Panasonic LED PDLM24107 10
159Panasonic LED PFLM05106 10
160Panasonic LED PPAM07106 10
161Panasonic LED PPAM08106 10
162Panasonic LED PBTM01157 15
163Panasonic LED PBUM30157 15
164Panasonic LED PBUM31157 15
165Panasonic LED PDLM11156 15
166Panasonic LED PPAM07156 15
167Panasonic LED PPAM08156 15
168Panasonic LED PBTM02207 20
169Panasonic LED PDLM10206 20
170Panasonic LED PDLM11206 20
171Panasonic LED PDLM24207 20
172Panasonic LED PFLM05206 20
173Panasonic LED PLHN01256 25
174Panasonic LED PFLM05306 30
175Panasonic LED PLHM01356 35
176Panasonic LED PLHM04406 40
177Panasonic LED PFLM05506 50
178Panasonic LED PSTM01157 15
179Panasonic LED PSTM01257 25
180Panasonic LED PSTM01457 45
181Panasonic LED PLHM04656 65
182Panasonic LED PFLM11AB8 100