The petroleum sub-sector in Zimbabwe comprises of private and state owned companies. The prices of fuels are market driven but monitored through a pricing formula that takes into account all the associated costs.

Zimbabwe imports 100% of its petroleum fuel requirements through pipeline, rail and road.


Who Is Regulated

ZERA regulates any persons or private companies involved in the production, procurement, distribution, transportation and retailing of the following fuel products for commercial purposes in Zimbabwe:
• Petrol
• Diesel
• Paraffin
• Denatured ethanol and ethanol blends
• Liquefied Petroleum Gas
• Jet A1

How Are They Regulated?

ZERA issues the following types of licences subject to applicants satisfying the terms and conditions:
i. Production licence authorises the licensee to construct, own, operate and maintain facilities for the production of petroleum products, including blending with ethanol.
ii. Procurement licence authorises the licensee to purchase fuel for the purpose of reselling it in bulk to one or more licensees.
ii. Wholesale licence authorises the licensee to purchase bulk petroleum products from any procurement licensee and production licensee
iv. Retail licence authorises the licensee to supply petroleum products to customers

Validity Of Licenses

All licences are valid for a period of one (1) year after which the licence may be renewed subject to satisfying periodic audits conducted by ZERA.

Regulatory Services

ZERA undertakes the following services in the petroleum industry:
• Infrastructure audits
• Fuel quality monitoring
• Price surveillance
• Licensing audits
• Training and demonstrations on safe use of products among operators and consumers
• Setting standards and continuous improvements
• Investment promotion