Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is gaining momentum in Zimbabwe as an alternative source of energy. The product is widely used by consumers of various backgrounds from industrial, domestic, commercial and farmers.

The sector is still regarded as young in terms of uptake thus presenting opportunities for investors who may set up various infrastructures as importers, wholesaler, retailers or manufacturers and revalidation of cylinders.

ZERA values safe use of LPG in the home and has various awareness and educational programs to ensure zero accidents rate is maintained in the sector.


Guidelines To Trading In LPG Legally In Zimbabwe

These guidelines are in response to the numerous requests from current and prospective LPG dealers since the gazetting in March 2014 of the Petroleum (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Regulations also known as Statutory Instrument 57 of 2014. According to these regulations:

“No person shall conduct a business of wholesaling or retailing LPG to consumers and related activities except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a license granted by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority.

Any person who wishes to obtain or renew a license under the LPG Regulations shall make an application to the Authority in the manner prescribed by these regulations. “

To facilitate the application process, the Authority advises applicants as follows:

1. Obtain a copy of the LPG Regulations (SI 57 of 2014) from your nearest Print Flow shops (formerly Government Printers).

2. Obtain a copy of the relevant Zimbabwe Standard for handling and storage of LPG called ZWS960 Part 1-3 of 2012 from your nearest SAZ offices.

  • Part 1 – Domestic installations (containers, appliances, pipe work, components )
  • Part 2 – Guidelines for wholesale sites and bulk storage depots installations.
  • Part 3- Guidelines for retail site filling premises and cylinder storage

3. Obtain approval for you site location from the local authority.

4. For wholesale business or bulk storage only, obtain Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate from the Environmental Management Agency. For retail business obtain a certificate to handle hazardous substances from EMA.

5. Obtain a fire clearance certificate from your local fire brigade.

6. Engage a certified installer to install your LPG facilities in accordance with the relevant standard.

7. Obtain license application forms from ZERA Offices in Harare ,Bulawayo and Mutare or on the ZERA website

8. Avail yourself for the mandatory pre-licensing inspection by ZERA.

9. Once you receive your license, have it published within 30 days in the Government Gazette and in the local newspaper of your area.