Save energy, use solar geysers for efficient water heating

Save energy, use solar geysers for efficient water heating

Winter is still with us and the lure to do laundry, wash dishes or even taking a bath with warm water is always high.

There are several technologies that one can use to heat up water while conserving energy and money. An electric geyser accounts for 40% of the electricity bill at household level.

A solar water heater (or solar geyser) is the most efficient and sustainable water heating technology compared to other traditional methods.

There are two major types of solar geysers and these are the Evacuated Tube and Flat Plate. These come in different sizes and shapes to suit the customer’s taste.

Solar geysers trap heat through the collector and heat up water up to 65◦C or more on hot days. Some solar geysers have provision for electricity backup heating in case of long periods of no sunshine.

Solar geysers can trap hot water up to 18 hours provided the storage tank is well insulated. The best position to mount solar geysers in Zimbabwe is always north facing (i.e. facing the equator).

Generally, solar geysers have a lifespan of at least 10 years depending on the type and quality. The upfront cost may appear as high but it is cheaper in the long run.

ZERA has a database of registered suppliers on its website of solar panels and solar geysers.

Consumers are urged to engage qualified personnel to mount solar geysers for optimum benefits.

Solar Water Heating Regulations (SI 235 of 2019) obligates all new buildings to have mandatory installation of solar water heaters or else they will not be connected to the grid.

The National Renewable Energy Policy targets the installation of at least 250 000 solar geysers by 2030.

ZERA advocates for the supply and use of quality solar water heaters that comply with standards set by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ).


This winter and beyond, do the bright thing, switch to solar water geysers and save money and energy.

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